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What Does a Carpet Clean Include?


  • Complete a thorough walkthrough of all carpet areas with the customer, We here at Barlynn Cleaning Services never cut corners and always pick up & carefully move your furniture, beds, nightstands, tables etc. and shifting it back into place, (Unless specifically instructed by the customer not to touch or move their belongings, if the item is too heavy or fragile, we would then of course go around the areas needing to be cleaned)

  • Prep the area needing to be cleaned by picking up all the debris off the floor.

  • Vacuum and Pre-Spray the carpet areas including all hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, stairs and any other carpet areas, Removing any set-in stains, hair or

  • Extract the water from the carpet releasing any built-up dirt, stains, dust, hair

  • Before we leave any jobsite, we always make sure to do one last walk through with our valued customers to ensure they are completely happy and satisfied with the services provided by Barlynn Cleaning Services,

Carpet Cleaning Services Available:

* Freshly laid new build / dust / particles carpet extraction

* Carpet refurbishing

* Rug & Mat cleaning services are available

* Stain Removal

* Property Management Carpet cleaning services available (Example) Apartment buildings, Restoration, Flood extraction also available

Carpet Cleaning Tips


- Treat the spill instantly and blot the area with a dry rag absorbing as much as you can. Avoid using cloth with colour otherwise you'll transfer the dye.

- Use a damp cloth and apply pressure, do not scrub or soap the area; this will set in the stain or fray the fibers in the rug!



Remove Pet Hair

- Use a damp window squeegee and move it side to side. Repeat if neccessary to remove all the hair. 


Freeze Bubble Gum

- Place a bag of ice on the gum for 30 seconds enough for it to freeze.

- Carefully remove with a Butter Knife.


Vacuum Regularly

- Vacuuming has a huge impact on the cleanliness of your home, the air you breathe and the life of your carpet and rugs.

-  Vacuum at least once a week so it stays clean and free from dust, dander, allergens and odors, Always remember to check the filter to help reduce the bacteria and dirt that circulates in the air.

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